Great Motor Truck from Ford

Great Motor Truck from FordSome people may choose sedans or SUVs when they are going to have new family cars. However, for some people who love challenges and adventures, sedans and SUVs may not be sufficient for them. SUVs may work on some kinds of terrain, but its power will not be enough to handle all kinds of tracks. In this case, motor truck can be great choices. In 2018, there are many great motor trucks, but there is no one can beat 2018 F-150. This motor truck is manufactured by Ford and this is equipped with great strength and awesome technology to make sure that all challenges can be accepted and taken down. In this case, the Ford 1-50 comes with some great things to offer and this is truly best car to choose in 2018 for the adventure lovers. This will be able to answer all expectations in term of performance and technology.

This car really provides strength. Its body has better and improved body compared to its previous generation. The new Ford F-150 has advanced powertrain that will help this truck to handle heavy duty. Then, its body uses SuperCew technology. This technology makes the body frame and its construction stronger, even it uses the standard of military vehicles, which means that this body is more than just stronger. Although it is strong, its weight is not too heavy, even it can be said that this is lighter compared to the previous aluminum body found in the previous generation of F-150. With this, the truck will be able to sustain heavy loads and its body weight will not make the engine work harder to make this truck moved. Things can be handled well with its great body construction.

About the engine, there are various types of engine. There are six engines in total that can be chosen based on preferences and need of the driver. All of the engine uses Power Stroke Diesel that can generate great power and efficiency at the same time. 3.0L Power Stroke Diesel is one of the choice. This uses V6 Turbo diesel engine that can generate up to 250 horsepower. Then, there is also higher specification of engine. It is 3.5L Ecoboost engine that can generate up to 450 horsepower. About the technology, it is true that this car provides great technology for driver:

  • There is 8-inch touchscreen display that will be large enough to provide some easy access for entertainment and other features offered by the car.
  • SYNC Connect from Ford is another great technology that can connect driver to the car by using the gadget, so it is easy to start, lock, and even unlock the car. Some status information, including the fuel status, can also be seen from the gadget.
  • For the safety, there is Pre-collision assist that will help driver to prevent and avoid potential collision.