2018 Toyota Corolla and Its Review

2018 Toyota Corolla and Its ReviewIn 2018, there are many new cars to choose. Various cars with different categories can be chosen. In this case, 2018 Toyota Corolla becomes one of the new and good cars to choose. This car has good track records as one of the best small cars. Corolla has become one of the famous products from Toyota and the 2018 Toyota Corolla becomes the latest generation of Corolla. This car is categorized as a small car. This is one of the best small cars to find in 2018 since this is so dependable for daily riding. This car can provide great and comfortable experiences of riding a car for daily activities. Its comfort can be seen from the interior of this car. The car has 5-seats interior and this is common for a small car. Then, there is high quality of fabric and leatherette seats. The seats are made spacious, so both driver and passengers can feel comfort although they have to stay in the car for long trips. Space for head and leg are made spacious and this is also for the rear seats, so everyone will enjoy driving the car.

For the interior, the 2018 Toyota Corolla tries to provide best driving experiences with many interior features. For the entertainment, this car has standard feature such as Bluetooth, touchscreen, and USB port. For the touchscreen, there is 6,1-inch screen and there is six-speaker audio system to provide good quality of sounds. Then, there are also features such as Siri Eyes Free, Voice Recognition, and also rearview camera as one of the feature for safety. Related to the safety features, there are some interesting features:

  • There is feature of pedestrian detection that will helps the driver to see whether there are pedestrians or not.
  • Then, there is also collision warning that has become so useful to prevent warning when there is possibility for an accident or collisions. This is also feature that will be helpful for parking the car.
  • There is also adaptive cruise control provided by the manufacturer so it is easier and more comfortable to drive the car.

In term of engine performance, this car may not be called as great car with high performance. This car is dedicated for daily transportation, so its performance may not be good since this car prioritize comfort and safety. This car has 1.8-liter engine. This is actually a four-cylinder engine and this can produce up to 132 horsepower. Then, there is also eco-model that can produce more power up to 140 horsepower. Seen from its power, actually it is not too bad and this car can provide enough power. However, its acceleration is not good enough and this car will also be noisier when this is running in higher rpm. However, this car has good efficiency, even one of the best efficiency for the compact or small car.